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  Creating a Custom Bench Plane
  In the fall of 2014, Lee Valley introduced a line of Veritas custom bench planes with the claim that they could be made in over 9,000 different combinations.

"This article originally appeared in Woodsmith magazine No. 217. Copyright © 2015 August Home Publishing Company. Unauthorized reproduction and/or distribution without written consent is strictly prohibited."
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  Customizable Bench Planes
  There are five bench planes in the new line of customizable bench planes from Veritas, and over the past few months I've been using three of them (No. 4-1/2 smoother, No. 5 jack, and No. 7 jointer) daily in my shop. They perform extremely well.
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  Bevel-down Bench Planes
  When Veritas redesigned its bevel-down bench planes, the Canadian company started from scratch. Released in the fall of 2014, these tools share almost no DNA with the company’s previous generation.
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  Detail Rabbet Plane
  If you thought the miniature shoulder plane in GW224:17 was maybe a little too twee to be taken seriously, then this plane is the real deal. It's based on an old Preston design, and is used to shoot shoulders and clean or tweak the floor of a housing.
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  Carcass Saws
  In my day saws were sold in two flavours: tenon and dovetail. There are other types, sure, but they were few and far between. Across the pond, however, they seem to favour a more exotic system of nomenclature, hence the 'carcass saw' from Veritas.
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  Quick-release Tail Vise
  A few months back this Veritas quick-release tail vise turned up on my doorstep, having been sent directly from Lee Valley in Canada, which wanted to know what I made of it. My first thought, actually, was to shelve my plans to fit a normal tail vise to my bench, as this one can be retro-fitted and would therefore have been the easier option.
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